Set yourself free from editing & move onward to better things 

A private photo editor serving photographers all over the United States.

Let’s get your life back! Outsourcing your editing style allows you to gain flexibility in your schedule, gives the opportunity to build more clientele, & get time back with loved ones.

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Before and afters

Editing a wedding CEREMONY  for Kayla Shenk



I'd recommend Ally to everyone if I could; I will forever be sharing her to other photographers. Outsourcing my culling + editing has saved me so much time. There's no one else i would trust more with my work, she pays close attention to detail by making sure she's capturing your style perfectly. Definitely my favorite investment I've made!

Ally hit the nail on the head with my edits! She's super intentional about making sure they coincide with my storytelling and allowing authentic colors to shine in the photos. She's super kind - I love how she offers a free trial and revisions to edits, so she delivers what you want to deliver to your clients. Super recommend Ally & her editing services!

It is so hard for me to trust someone else with my client's art but after having the free trial with Ally, I felt so comfortable with her. She truly wanted to make my gallery look perfect and it saved me so much time to work on other things within my business that I have been putting off! The best outsourcing investment I did for my business!

Client reviews

- Tyler Parnella 

I am so glad that I have been able to work with Onward Explorers. She has been my go to photographer for years now! I can't say enough about how professional Ally Evans is and the quality of work that she provides. I am so pleased with each and every session and final photographs. She will always be my right hand woman for photos to come!

- Carly Secrest

Ally is an absolute gem to work with! She’s very knowledgeable and always has a great aura about her. I know I can put any amount of trust & confidence in her. She has a keen sense of know exactly what I’m looking for when I’m trying to find the right words. I honestly can’t imagine working with anyone better who makes me feel so at ease! 🖤

Hi, I'm Ally

Hello Explorers! My goal is to help photographers outsource their work to relieve stress, and to allow time back into your life for what matters most. I have been in the photography industry for 7 years & counting! I also have experience in modeling different types of photography styles. Based in Indianapolis, I graduated with my bachelors degree from the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI in 2021. I have learned the importance of delivering quality in a service and prioritizing deadlines. Despising the typical 9-5 work life style, I have found editing to be my escape. Please consider me to make a difference in your life, as you are to mine. As always, I have my sights set onward; onward towards better things. Better things that allow me to live the life I dream. By letting me be a part of your team, you are one step closer to doing the same. So here’s to onward, wherever that takes you. 

Your personal editing assistant

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Editing Services

Spot healing / Brush / AI mask 
$0.05 per extra edit per image (if you have a brush and AI mask in one image, that image would cost an extra $0.10)

White balance / Exposure / Contrast / Highlights / Shadows / Whites / Blacks / Clarity / Dehaze / Vibrance / Saturation / Tone curve / HSL curve / Sharpness / Lens correction / Cropping/straightening / Preset application / B&W conversion

$0.30 per image

Editing Services

Culling Services

Free image trial

Extra Edit Adjustments

Culling Services

Editing Services

Narrowing your catalog down to your requested number of images

$0.08 per image 

Culling is simply the process of choosing the best images from a shoot that will be edited and eventually delivered to your client. We do this for a number of reasons, one being to sort out any photos that are unintentional. Maybe they're under or overexposed or there are duplicates of the same scene.

Culling Services

Free image trial

My culling services include:

Free image trial

Culling Services

Editing Services

A free 25 image trial

You’re ready to move onward towards less stress and more shoots, which is a big deal. I know how hard it can be to let go, but you are letting go of more than just total control. You’re letting go of stress, screen time, and doing it all on your own. Before spending a penny lets see if we're a match! Try my free trial that includes 25 professionally touched up images and have them back within 2 business days. 

Free image trial

My free trial includes:

How the process works

01. Build Smart Previews

"Smart previews" are a lightroom feature that allow you to work on your photos even when you don't have the raws; and this is how you will send me your photos without having to send all the Raw files.

02. Edit "Anchor Images"

This is how I will adhere to your style. As a rule of thumb, provide one edited image every time the lighting/scenery changes. The amount and spacing of these anchor images is crucial to providing you with the highest editing accuracy. 

03. Export your Catalog

Select your photos and then go to File > Export as Catalog. Compress the 3 files into a .zip file so they are ready to send in a way I can open them correctly.

04. Send your Catalog

Using my WeTransfer link, upload and send me the .zip catalog you created when exporting. You will receive a confirmation email with my current turnaround time once I check your file opens correctly. 

05. Download your Edits

Once I receive payment from you, I will use WeTransfer to send your edited catalog to you. Follow the instructions in the Import & Export Guide in your Client Portal and watch as your Lightroom catalog updates with edits! 

06. Provide Feedback

Step #1

This is the only way I know what I am doing right, and what I am doing wrong. Even a simple DM or email with a positive statement at least lets me know I am doing something right.

Answer 1:

Yes! I still plan to continue doing photography sessions during the spring - fall season. Please message me for scheduling & pricing information. 

Yes! More and more photographers (just like you) are starting to realize that they can't do it all. They want to spend more time behind the camera and less time behind the computer screen. So don't feel bad if your business has grown so much that you don't have time to edit--that's what I am here for. 

Answer 2:

I can understand how letting someone else edit your photos seems like it would be riddled with disappointment, but it doesn't have to be! This is why I ask you to edit "anchor images', these are what I go off of to edit the rest of your catalog. I also have you fill out a detailed On-boarding Questionnaire that lets me understand your style and preferences even before you send any photos.

Answer 3:

Nope! I work on a queue based system rather than appointment based, so whenever I receive a catalog, it gets put next in line in the queue. Basically, your catalog will be put in the queue on the day I receive it, and the turn around time will begin the day I receive it. So while there is no financial penalty for sending it to me later than you first state, you will receive your edits later than first expected. (NOTE: you don't have to tell me when you are going to send things! I have the queue based system set up to help you not feel burdened by more deadlines) 

Answer 4:

Anchor images! Both placement/spacing and total number. I understand how busy you are (I mean, that's why you need me, right?) but incorrect spacing/number of anchor images can add hours to my editing time and affect the accuracy of your edits. The more you can do, the better! Even an extra 20 anchors can save me so much time and make your photos much more accurate (and save you some money, too).

Answer 5:

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